The Whopping Lie

The Whopping Lie, oil on canvas, 123x183cm

The Sadness of Rivers

The Sadness of Rivers, oil on canvas, 138x183cm

The Streets of Intricate Fancies

The Sisters of Intricate Fancies, oil on canvas, 123x183cm

The Exploration of Time

The Exploration of Time, oil on canvas, 138x183cm

Bridge of Long Memories

Bridge of Long Memories, oil on canvas, 92x122cm

A Cunning Structure

A Cunning Structure, oil on canvas, 100x155cm

The Hermit

The Hermit, oil on canvas, 41x41cm


Pierrot, oil on canvas, 30x30cm


The Age of Regret, oil on canvas

Its a Lovely Day Tomorrow

Its a Lovely Day Tomorrow, oil on canvas

The Destiny of Ghosts

The Destiny of Ghosts, oil on canvas

A Young Dowager

A Young Dowager, oil on canvas


Sanctuary, oil on canvas

The Final Thing

The Final Thing, oil on canvas